Resilient Communities

Data density for social impact


Navigating the risk of foreclosure

client: regional housing legal services


A graphic I created for No Place Like Home: Philadelphia's Approach to Foreclosure Prevention reveals the complicated path of a Philadelphia homeowner at risk of foreclosure, moving toward one of three outcomes. Inspired by hydraulics diagrams, I used line thickness to show the relative number of homeowners who participate in each part of the foreclosure prevention process. Written by Karen Black of May 8 Consulting for Regional Housing Legal Services.

"Andee can take our knotty, complex issues and turn them into striking visualizations."
—Rachel Blake, Associate Director, Regional Housing Legal Services


Philadelphia: a tough place to do business?

client: sustainable business network of philadelphia


This infographic details the laborious process and high costs a small business in Philadelphia must face to obtain City approval for a two-sided sign. See my full report design for Taking Care of Business.

"I look to Andee to tell a story, to make boring staid, facts compelling, to take grand, complex ideas and make them obvious with a quick look at a page, and to make ideas beautiful. I look to Andee she is amazing at presenting a textbook chapter's worth of information in a single image."
—Karen Black, Principal, May 8 Consulting


Where could the meat go?

client: reinvestment fund


What might the flow of distribution for meat products in the Delaware Valley look like, if you sought to optimize local, sustainable supply chains? It was certainly a question I'd never been asked! One answer lay in a detailed piece of analytical research called the Supply Chain Matrix. My task was to translate these findings visually to reveal the spatial and economic connections in the Delaware Valley's pork and beef industries. Report edited by Alison Rooney Communications.



JAWN: (n.) a Philadelphia something; any inanimate object, concept, place or thing.


215 Infojawns are collaborations with my network of friends and colleagues in the Philadelphia area (the 215 area code) who make a positive impact in our community and also have something to say. In this ongoing creative experiment, I mine my colleagues for data by talking with them about their businesses, what issues matter to them, and any interesting quirks about their enterprise. Out of these conversations, I generate an infographic that tells their story. At left is one I created for Dr. Damien Ciasullo and his beloved Mt. Airy practice, Rhino Chiropractic.


Do you have a story to show? Get in touch and we'll make that jawn.


Visualizing the reach of a legacy

client: university of pennsylvania


Ian L. McHarg is universally recognized as a pioneer in planning and landscape architecture who created new paradigms for environmental design. He founded the landscape architecture program at the University of Pennsylvania and wrote Design with Nature. He was also a founding member of Wallace and McHarg Associates, later WRT, where I spent six years in the planning and urban design practice. In 2017, when Penn established the Ian L. McHarg Center, I styled this map series for the Center, which reveals the global reach of his impact on design. Graphic styles are optimized for various media, such as on screen and in print.