Urban Planning

Visualizing time and place in the urban realm


Visualizing metaphors for planning processes 

Above, a 40-inch-square poster visualizes Philadelphia's Central Delaware riverfront planning using the metaphor of sound waves. I created this in 2011 for PennPraxis for an exhibit at the Community Design Collaborative. Below, this infographic imagines citizen values as threads that weave through the planning process. It comprises a spread in the final document for the award-winning A Civic Vision for the Central Delaware for WRT in 2010.


Media activism

Benjamin Franklin published his Join, or Die political cartoon in the Philadelphia Gazette in 1754. My interpretation, for a 2007 Context magazine article, depicts the stakeholders on Philadelphia's central Delaware riverfront. The snake's shape abstracts the shoreline and includes pier structures, bridges, and the tangled Girard Avenue Interchange on I-95.


Plans over time

This illustration for PennPraxis' Green2015 shows the relative place of this action plan in context of the timeline of open-space planning documents for Philadelphia.


From gray to green

This cross-sectional diagram reveals rainwater management for a "green" urban street. It is part of a larger report on green stormwater infrastructure I wrote, designed, and illustrated for the U.S. EPA in Manchester, CT for WRT in 2010.


Industrial evolution

Effective timelines bring historical context to life, and this one illustrates the lower Schuylkill River, home to historic Bartram’s Garden. It is one of three full-spread timelines I created for the Art at Bartram's report for Drexel University's Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation in 2015.


Civic icons

Shown here are the two covers and a central, framing infographic for the research series on civic infrastructure by PennPraxis, available online and in print.