Stories that unfold in your hands


Favor the bold

CLient: William Penn foundation

This three-piece set of folding brochures uses vividly-colored panels and strong imagery to convey the core messages behind the William Penn Foundation's three main areas of grantmaking. 



Interactive calls to action

Client: Fairmount Park conservancy
2016 & 2017

Fairmount Park Conservancy mails special collateral to their members annually to share highlights of the year's programming, and to raise funds. The bold, rhythmic messaging for their 2016 campaign, shown above, connects more deeply with the audience by unfolding into a panoramic card. The collateral for each year are designed to fit within standard envelopes.


High impact, low weight

This collateral posed a particular design challenge: create an entire mailer kit that weighs less than three ounces, to meet postage requirements. The final kit included a ten-panel brochure, with a perforated panel for a tear-off reply card, as well as matching stationery and envelopes. 


Elevating the trifold

Even a humble trifold brochure should make a lasting impression, as with these versions for Americans for the Arts and Regional Housing Legal Services. Panels can create layers of narrative, which present opportunities for design elements to align across folds and edges.


Maximal impact, minimal waste

client: Americans for the arts

This brochure for Americans for the Arts is square and features a skinny panel for specific language, but there's some behind-the-scenes thinking, too: the brochures can be printed using standard stock paper sizes, resulting in minimal paper waste. I leverage my print production experience to optimize value, during the design process and the printing process.