Arts Advocacy

Making a case for the arts


Arts Education Navigator Series

infographics, design, & layout



This series of four e-books visualizes data to make the case for arts education in American schools. Created for Americans for the Arts and Vans Custom Culture, the Arts Education Navigator series seeks to help educators, parents, students, and advocates navigate the complex field of arts education. The reports cull data from several studies to reveal how arts education benefits students throughout their lives, its decline in recent years, and how to keep it as part of our core curriculum. 

Two of the e-books were translated into Spanish.

Two of the e-books were translated into Spanish.

Chapter breaks include buttons that allow readers to jump to specific topics.

Chapter breaks include buttons that allow readers to jump to specific topics.

"To me, nothing is more important than trusting someone’s judgment. Andee’s work product is some of the most well-received we’ve ever had, and the process behind the scenes is so collaborative and enjoyable!"
-Elizabeth Sweeney, former Communications and Publications Manager, Americans for the Arts


I develop storyboards in tandem with initial design concepts, shown above for the Arts Education Navigator series. An essential part of my design process, these "visual outlines" generate the look, feel, and rhythm of a document.


Like, Link, Share

report layout & print oversight; website design



Like, Link, Share describes how cultural organizations are employing new media and digital technology to reach wider audiences, creating and funding new artistic programs, and developing their operational infrastructure.  Lutman & Associates interviewed more than forty organizations from around the world—including museums, operas, symphonies, theaters, and dance—to learn about digital innovation efforts and how to measure success. The report highlights five valuable "lessons learned" for other organizations seeking to build their digital capacity. I also worked with I-SITE to design a coordinating website that offers detailed profiles of the forty organizations interviewed.



The Socioemotional Benefits of the Arts

layout & infographics for SUMMARY REPORT



A core value of the William Penn Foundation is expanding the worldviews of Philadelphia's children though art. The Foundation funds organizations, programs and research to increase access to arts education and experiences, such as this report, which seeks to define the impact of arts education programs on the development of socioemotional skills among low-income students. The research proved a modest, yet direct, connection between student engagement in the arts and socioemotional development. I designed the 12-page Summary Report to clarify and contextualize the research's central questions and nuanced findings for a diverse audience. 



Artists at the Community Development Table

layout of teacher’s edition & standard edition

CLIENT: Americans for the arts

2018 - 2019

At over 100 pages each with a high print quantity, the two editions of Artists at the Community Development Table had to be cost effective to produce, but make a visual impact. What resulted is a great example of how a production constraint can be leveraged into a design opportunity. We reserved use of color only the covers. With only black ink and wide margins on the interior pages, the layout uses typographic hierarchy, graphic iconography, and heavily toned section breaks to lend graphic interest to the content. Group activities, available at the end of each section in the Teacher’s Edition, are printed on bright yellow paper stock, providing a simple, but bold intervention to an otherwise low-cost document.